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3 iPhone tips for Valentine's Day!

February 14th is a special day for me not only because I love love, hearts and everything red it's my Birthday too!!!

I thought I would share with you my top favorite tips for iPhone use.

Tip 1: Any time I use Apple Pay I feel like I'm doing magic! So I get to be Harry Potter for a few seconds.

Tip 2: When Parking I tell Siri "I parked here". Then when I need to know where I parked I asked Siri "where did I park my car". It's a handy tool for when you're in a big lot or at DIA and don't remember what level you're on.

Tip 2:

Tip 3: With my dyslexia it helps me know that I'm spelling words correct, and it saves me time.

Hope you have a great "Valerie's day" and give your love ones an extra hug.



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